Brisela, the Voice of Nightmares - MTG

For the Eldritch Moon set of Magic: The Gathering. The uber-baddy Emrakul has come to Innistrad and it's presence has mutated the legendary angels Bruna and Gisela into the new Eldrazi creature Brisela. While not a "pretty" picture this is one of my favorite recent images. It hits very close to what I had in mind though it did take a lot of time.

Clint cearley brisela da

5. Final - wings, surface detailing and edges

Clint cearley brisela 04

4. Background tendrils, more head changes, various details

Clint cearley brisela 03

3. Changing head(s) per feedback, establishing textures

Clint cearley brisela 02

2. Placing basic tones, defining lighting and palette

Clint cearley brisela 01

1. Combined sketchbook sketches